Story in English: ゆきのせかい Snow World

Earle sensei: story Mitsuko Tashiro: photographs

P1  Wow, big snowman!

P2     These are beautiful candle stands. Having flower decorations in the glass is lovely.
Wow, it’s cold! These candle stands are not made out of glass, but of snow.

P3      It is a family of snowmen. They look like they are having fun.

P4      There are lots of snowmen, aren’t there? Let’s look for more.

P5      Here they are. Two of them seem to be talking.

P6      How romantic, being in a heart!

P7      What big icicles. They are hanging down and frozen. Amazing.

P8      There are small ones along the roof.

P9      I wonder what these lights are.

P10    There are some shops. Around the shops, it is beautiful, too.

P11    There is a Japanese castle.

P12    Over there is Micky and Minnie.

P13    There is Totoro and Cat Bus, too.

P14    It’s so much fun.

P15    But, where am I? Let me ask a big snowman. “Big snowman, where am I?

P16    “I am a snowman made by the people of this city. I will answer your question.”

P17    “Here is Hikkaidoo in Japan. It is the most northern part of Japan.

P18    The winter in Hokkaido is very cold, and snows a lot. There are many places where
people can get buried in the snow, but they are happily enjoy the snow. “

P19    “Well, it is dark now. You’d better go home. Here comes a magical ride to take you