Books from Earle sensei’s Japan Books

Japanese books for individuals who are learning Japanese as a Foreign Language/and Second Language (JFL/JSL).

Earle sensei’s books:

  • have photographs and illustrations as visual clues to assist readers in following the story;
  • are not just “made easier” for the readers, but written using a reader-centred approach;
  • contains carefully selected words and phrases that teach authentic Japanese while showing appreciation for the beauty of the Japanese culture
  • contains cultural aspects for the readers to ‘feel’ and experience the Japanese culture
  • encourages readers to become independent by utilising the support of on-line resources at such as audio stories, worksheets and glossaries;
  • Have level 1 to 10, so a reader can progress at one’s own pace;
  • aligns with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) from Level 6;
  • use the textbook font or similar ones, which are used in the most of learning materials for the Japanese language worldwide.

Our passion is to provide a wide range of opportunities for readers to successfully comprehend what they read, while finding enjoyment in becoming a confident and avid reader in Japanese. I will be thrilled when our books act as a bridge between learners of Japanese and Japanese literacy.