Chibi the cat  ねこのちび

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Reading level: 3
Script type: Hiragana characters
Number of characters: 206
Pages: 20
Text type: literacy description
Price: $8

Sentence examples:
ちびは べっとで ねます。 Chibi sleeps on the bed.
ちびは べっとが だいすきです。 Chibi loves the bed.

Cultural notes from the author:
In japan, people believe a beckoning cat, typically a Japanese bobtail brings good luck to its owner. These ornaments are called ‘maneki neko’. You may commonly find a cat figure washing its face displayed in many shops/restaurants/parlours and other businesses.

The cat in this story, Chibi was born in Brisbane and adopted into an English and Japanese bilingual home. He understands commands and affections shown in both languages, and spends a lot of his time sleeping. The story represents a typical day for Chibi.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-925808-00-1