Fast and Slow はやいくんとゆっくりくん 

What is your favourite time of the day?     

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Reading level: Level 5 (recommended for learning time)
Script types: Hiragana, Katakana and basic Kanji characters  cover page 2
Number of characters: 326
Kanji characters covered: 一、二、三、六、七、十
Pages: 19
Text type: Literacy description
Product type: A5 Saddle stitched booklet
Price: A$9.00
Weight: approx: 65g

Sentence examples:
 ゆっくりくんは みじかい とけいの はり。 Mr Slow is the short hand of a clock.
 一じかんに いっぽ、ゆっくり あるく。 He walks slowly, one step an hour.
 ゆっくりくんが 七をさして、はやいくんが 十二を さすと、なんじ? ,
Mr Slow points at seven, and Mr Fast points at twelve, so what time is it?
 七じ。あさごはん。 It’s Seven o’clock. Breakfast time.

Cultural notes from the author:
When I was a child, my favourite time of the day was 3 o’clock, just like in this book. In Japan, 3 o’clock is traditionally a time to have a treat, especially for children. My mum or grandma used to say “wait until 3 o’clock.” As a child, I looked forward to this special time, getting various treats, from lollies to a special cake on a plate.

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Product Code: 05
ISBN-13: 978-0-6481178-3-4
Publisher: Tashiro Literacy