Animals どうぶつ Level 2


Can you guess what animals are in this book by their footprints?
Number of characters: 193
Pages: 10
Text type: information report
Product type: A5 Saddle stitched booklet

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Script type: Hiragana characters
Sentence examples:
 これは いぬ です。 This is a dog.
 これは ねこ じゃないです。 This is not a cat.
In Alignment with the Australian Curriculum/Japanese language: Year 3 and 4 band achievement standards
 describe things, using noun です
 structure sentences using particles, for example は、の、が
 locate specific information and some supporting details in written texts on familiar topics.
 identify words from other languages used in Japanese, such as ライオン
Cultural notes from the author:
Through animal names, this book introduces the concept of Katakana, which is the second type of Japanese phonetic script. All the names of the animals in this book are written in Hiragana (the first type of Japanese phonetic script), except the last two animals, ‘ra i o n (lion)’ and ‘mi i a kya tto’(meerkat). These two words are ‘borrowed’ from the English language, and words like this that originate from outside Japan are typically written in Katakana. Katakana has the same 46 sounds as Hiragana, but is only used for “loan words”, or words “borrowed” from other languages.

ISBN: 13: 978-0-6481178-4-1

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