It is melted とけちゃった Level 8


Sakura is taking a chocolate to her grandma’s house. However, on the way, due to the hot weather, the chocolate has melted. What will her grandma do to help Sakura with her sadness?
Script types: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji characters 入、出、子、今、日、行、半、分、目、大、花、時、間、食、言、少、歩、使、後、回、開、急、変、電、温、星 (all applicable kanji from Senior Japanese Syllabus except星)
Number of characters: 835
Pages: 25
Text type: Narrative
Product type: Saddle stitched booklet

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Sentence examples:
 バスにのって、それから すこし あるきます。She takes a bus, and then walks a little ways.
 「さくら、一時かん まっててね。」 “Sakura, wait for 1 hour.”
 おばあちゃんは おほしさまの かたを もってきました。 The grandma brought a star shaped mold.
In alignment with the Senior Japanese syllabus and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
 plain form, including past tense and negative form (N5)
 て form V connect sentences (N5)
 のですto explain something; show emphasis
 Conjunctions – time order (N4)
 かな I wonder (N4)
 Vないでcommand (N5)
 て form V + しまうsomething regrettable happens (N4)
 ~てしまう/ちゃうsomething happens unintentionally (N4)
Cultural notes from the author:
Grandparents often play a special role in a child’s life. My grandma had always saved me from all sorts of troubles during my childhood. I remember thinking how ‘magical’ my grandma was. Sakura’s grandma in this book is the same. Readers will have fun finding out how she deals with the melted chocolate Sakura brought for her.

ISBN: 13: 978-0-6481178-7-2

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 148 × 210 cm


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