My Japanese adventure ぼくのにほん Level 4


Richy made his journal about his trip to Japan.
Script type: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji characters with Furigana
Number of characters: 641 characters in total (369 in story & 272 in captions)
Pages: 21
Text type: recount
Product Type: A5 saddle stitched booklet

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Sentence examples:
 火よう日に おばけやしきに 行きました。
On Tuesday, I went to a haunted house.
 日よう日に はじめて ゆきを 見ました。
On Sunday, I saw snow for the first time.
 ぼくは 日本が だいすきです。 I love Japan.
In Alignment with the Australian Curriculum/Japanese: Year 7-8 band achievement standards:
 recount experiences and express opinions
 read katakana including elongated vowels, double consonants and contractions.
 read high-frequency kanji such as 行、見、月、火、水
 build cohesion in texts and elaborate on meaning using grammatical elements such as conjunctions, for example, だから
 use a variety of verb tenses to express ideas and experiences, and a range of particles, such as が、へ、と、に、の、で
Cultural note from the author:
Through Richy’s journal on his trip to Japan, he shares his experiences with both the traditional and modern aspects of the country. You will see Tokyo Disneyland, Pokemon centre in Tokyo, A hunted house in Odaiba, Yuki no Otani snow fall in Takayama, Kinu Green Park in Kinugawa, and Nikko Edo Village in Nikko as his main destinations. Let’s discover the adventures Richy had described as “fun, delicious, beautiful, cute, interesting and amazing.

ISBN: 13: 978-1-925808-04-9

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 148 × 210 cm


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