Sweets スイーツ Level 2


Let us discover what kinds of sweets you can find at Sweets Takayoshi!
Reading level: Level 2
Script type: Hiragana & Katakana characters with Furigana
Number of characters: 416
Pages: 21
Text type: Factual description
Product Type: A5 saddle stitched booklet

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Sentence examples:
o これは ぷりん です。 These are pudding.
o かわいい  ですね! Cute, aren’t they?
o これは くまのおかしです。  These are teddy bear snacks.
In Alignment with the Australian Curriculum/Japanese language: Year 3 and 4 band achievement standards
 describe things, using adjective です& noun です
 describing things, using adjective + none
 structure sentences using particles, for example は、の、に、が、ね、よ
 locate specific information and some supporting details in written texts on familiar topics.
 identify words from other languages used in Japanese, such as スイーツ
Cultural note from the author:
When I was a child, my mum sometimes had visitors at our house on the weekends. This turned out to be a special occasion for me as my mum always bought nice cakes from the nearby cake shop. I still remember volunteering to make hot drinks for the visitors, so that I can join them to eat the special cakes! Please have a look at the variety of delicious cakes you can find at Sweets Takayoshi in Utsunomiya, Tochigi in Japan. Their cakes remind me of those special cakes I had during my childhood.

ISBN 13: 978-1-925808-05-6

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