Story in English: ともだち Friends

Story: Earle sensei:                Photographs: Mitsuko Tashiro

P1                   Here is a lake.  There are lots of birds living here.

P2                   These are swans, Mimi and Kiki.

P3                   Mimi and Kiki are good friends.  They always play together.

P4                   They love “tiggy”.

P5                   Unfortunately, one day they had a fight.

P6                   “ouch!”

P7                   “I’ve had enough! We are not friends any more”

P8                   “Kiki, wait.”

P9                   But, Kiki flew away.

P10                 Mimi played with other swans.  But it is not fun at all.

P11                 “Where are you, Kiki?”

P12                 A week later, Kiki came back to the lake.

P13                 “I am sorry.” “I am sorry.” Mimi and Kiki apologised to each other.

P14                 After all, Mimi and Kiki are good friends.