Story in English:つるしびな Hanging decoration

Story: Earle sensei                                        photographs: Mitsuko Tashiro

P1 & 2            This is “Tsurushi bina”.

P3 & 4            “Tsurushi bina” is a decoration for “Hina matsuti ( Girl’s Day) ” .

P5 & 6            Red, blue, yellow, colour full, aren’t they?

P7 & 8            This is a white rabbit.  And this is a white bird.

P9 & 10         This is a red and purple gold fish.  This is a green turtle.

P11 & 12       This is a girl with a blue kimono.   These are black bear and a boy.

P13 & 14       This mouse is grey.  But this mouse is red, isn’t it?

P15 & 16       This flower is pink.  But this flower is white and red, isn’t it?

P17 & 18       These people are red.  But these people are colourful coloured ones, aren’t


P19 & 20       Then, what colour are these rabbits and balls?