Story in English: おばあちゃん Grandma

Story & Illustrations: Earle sensei

P1:      Mariko is always with her grandmother after coming home from school.

P2:      One day, Mariko came home.  ‘Grandma, I am home.”  But grandmother is not there.

P3:      Mariko went to a kitchen, but the grandmother is not there.

“I am thirsty.”  Mariko drunk juice.

P4:      Mariko looked at the bottom of the glass.  “The bottom of the glass is like grandma’s glasses.”

P5:      What a miracle!  Mariko can see her grandma and herself in the glasses.

P6:      Mariko and her grandma go for a walk. “A rainy day can be fun!”

P7       Mariko and her grandma go to a mountain.  “What a beautiful red sunset.”

P8       Mariko and her grandma go for a travel.  “A bullet train is fast, isn’t it?”

P9       Mariko and her grandma make origami.  “You are an origami teacher, aren’t you?”

P10:    But suddenly, the grandma is not there any more.  “Grandma, where are you?  Grandma.”

P11:   “Mariko, wake up.  Mariko.”      “ Where were you, grandma?”

P12:  “Today is your birthday. Here is a present.” “Wow, cute teddy bear.  Thank you,   grandma.”

P13:   Mariko loves her grandma.

P14:   Who do you like?