Story in English: とけちゃった It’s melted

Story: Earle sensei             Illustration: Hidemi Lentze

P1:          “I hope grandma will like it!”  Sakura put a heart-shaped chocolate in her bag.

P2:          This chocolate is a present for Sakura’s grandmother.

P3:          Today, Sakura is going to her grandmother’s house.

P4:          She catches a bus, then walks a little while.

P5:          Her grandmother’s house is next to a flower shop.

P6:          “Hello, grandma.”  “Sakura, you made it.”

P7           “Grandma, I have a present for you!” Sakura took the chocolate out of her bag.

P8           “Oh, no!  It has completely melted.  Half of the heart is gone.”

P9           Sakura’s smiling face suddenly changed to a sad face.

P10:       “Today has been a hot day, so the chocolate has melted.”

P11:       Big tears came out of Sakura’s eyes.

P12:       ‘Don’t worry, Sakura.”  The grandmother said kindly.

P13:       Firstly, the grandmother got a bowl out.

P14:       She puts the chocolate in the bowl.

P15:       She then warmed it up for 30 seconds in the microwave oven.

P16:       “How is it?” The grandmother opened the microwave oven.  There is no more                        heart-shaped chocolate.

P17:       The grandmother mixed the chocolate with a spoon.

P18:       Then she put it in the microwave oven again.  She repeated this twice.

P19:       The chocolate has completely melted.

P20:       Next, the grandmother took a star-shaped mould from a draw.    “Sakura, don’t                     look.”

P21:       The grandmother poured the chocolate into the mould.

P22:       Lastly, the grandmother put the chocolate in a fridge.   “Sakura, wait for one                         hour.”

P23:       One hour later, Sakura opened the fridge.

P24:       “Wow, a star-shaped chocolate!”   That’s right. The melted heart-shaped                                 chocolate  has become a star-shaped chocolate.

P25:       “Grandma, did you use magic?”

“It’s a   s e c r e t!”

P26:       Sakura and her grandmother ate the chocolate together.    “It’s yummy, isn’t it?”                  “Yes, yummy.”

P27:       “Sakura, thank you for the present today.    “Grandma, thank you for the magic.”