Story in English: はじめてのにほん     My first trip to Japan

Story: Earle sensei  Photographs: Megan

P1             I went to Japan for the first time in January.    (my dad, older brother and I)

P2             It was winter in Japan.
P3             I stayed here.

P4             I made a snowman.
P5             I saw hot springs full of monkeys.                         (snowman’s bottom!)
P6             Small bear big bear
P7             I went to the teddy bear village.
P8             I ate sushi.                                               (plastic sushi, can you tell?  real sushi, meal at Japanese inn, rice balls)

P9             I love Japanese food.
P10           I met with various characters.
P11           I also met an oni and a sumo wrestler.
P12           There was a McDonalds.                                          (I am glad!)
P13           There was Tim Tams and Vegemite.
P14           I went on a bullet train.
P15           It was very fast.                                bullet train lunch box snacks         (delicious)
P16           Japan was incredibly fun.                 (my brother and I,  fake Maiko, tin of bread, where is Sydney? )
P17           I want to visit again.           (Samurai cart, racoon and I, weddingl, strange sign)