Story in English : わがし Japanese sweet

Story: Earle sensei          photographs: Mitsuko Tashiro

P1 & 2                        What’s this?  A lemon?  What’s this?  A bell?

P3 & 4                        What’s this? A Christmas tree?  What’s this? A ball?

P5 & 6                        What’s this? A leaf?  What’s this? An egg?

P7 & 8                        What’s this? A flower?  What’s this? I don’t know.

P9 & 10                     What? A strawberry? A jelly?

P11 & 12                   It’s food! Yes, Japanese sweets.

P13 & 14                   Wa gas shi.  Delicious. Beautiful.

P15                             Here it is.  Have it with green tea.