Story in English : ぼくのにほん     My Japanese Adenture

                                        Story: Earle sensei  Photographs: Mitsuko Tashiro
P1 My name is Richy. I am half Australian and half Japanese.
P2 My grandfather and grandmother live in Japan, so I went to Japan for a week.
P3 from the airplane window (blue is texts in box and speech bubble)
P4 On Monday, I went on various rides at Tokyo Disneyland.
P5 Space mountain, hotel, new hat
P6 On Tuesday, I went to a haunted house.
P7 Various ghost, lunch, ghost!
P8 On Wednesday, I went to an athletic park.
P9 Feeling good!, Aren’t I good?, dinner
P10 On Thursday, I went to a samurai village. I found monkey poo snacks there.
P11 With Nyan Mage, with princes and samurai, Japanese sweet and macha
P12 On Friday, I found unusual vending machines.
P13 Ice cream, drip coffee, warm and cold drinks
P14 On Saturday, I went to the Pokémon centre.
P15 Me and my favourite pokemon                                                                                                    happy!, me and Parukia, pan cake

P16 On Sunday, I saw snow for the first time.
P17 Fluffy snow, ready!, with my grandma, I love my grandma
P18 I bought souvenirs.
P19 souvenir for mum, for dad, for friends, souvenir for older brother and younger
sister, mine What shall I choose?
P20 Last night, I had a hot spring onsen with grandpa.  I love my grandpa.
Fun, delicious, beautiful, interesting and amazing! This is ‘my Japan’. I love Japan.